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New! In the ongoing pandemic, scholarly conversations are moving online. I've added a new set of "tools"—a page of links to online seminars, interviews, etc. Please alert me to additional links I might add.

Doing research on the history of capitalism or on corporations requires access to the same kinds of sources that most historians use—documents, images, data that can be quantified. My Research Tools pages simply pull together the resources that I have found useful into a handy compendium for my use and yours.

The tools are organized in the three categories indicated below. Feel free to explore them via the links below or on the upper menu.

Please note that these lists are by no means comprehensive, neither in geographical terms nor in methodological scope. They reflect my research methods and interests, which are more qualitative than quantitative and center on the U.S. and Europe.

Please feel free to propose additions or corrections to my lists, which I will revise as time permits.